Patch Parlor - About Us

Patch Parlor is a family-owned business in Northern California. What started as a patch collection eventually turned into a business. Collecting patches from all over the world was so much fun. The patches were neatly displayed in plastic 'baseball card' style protective pages, inside a tan 2 inch binder. Itis something we cherish as a family and we even bring it out on Thanksgiving (sometimes). 

While fundraising for a Northern California reggae media company, the first product was born. A black trucker hat with the words "LET'S BE IRIE" patched across the front was sold at the NorCal Reggae Calendar booth at reggae festivals all over California. This went on for 2-3 years until the hats could be spotted at reggae shows in the Bay Area, Santa Cruz, and Sonoma Counties. One could even sometimes see them in Stateline and South Lake Tahoe. It was always amazing to find someone wearing a hat in San Diego!

Our passion for the best quality translates into great products in our store. We are proud to use the products in our everyday lives while making clothing, hats, and accessories with the appliques & patches, so we only want something that works well and looks great.

Contact us anytime by emailing or by writing to us at:

Patch Parlor PO Box 1974 Benicia, CA 94510

Wait! One more thing. Check out our hat brand: LET'S BE IRIE.

'Irie' is a word that originates from Jamaica and translates to "nice, good, or pleasing," and is pronounced (I'- ree). Check out all of the trucker hats with patches and lots of other styles! Zoom in to see the high quality embroidered patches and unique fabrics; the textures are simply awesome!